5 Ways to Overcome FAIR

5 Ways to Overcome FAIR

1. Remember: Some Of The Best Things Happen When You’re Uncomfortable 

In times of stress or discomfort, remind yourself that some of the best things happen outside a comfort zone. These experiences can both challenge you and help you grow. Commit to giving the situation a try with your best effort, and keep expectations low to alleviate additional pressure. Ask yourself, « What is the worst thing that can happen? » then focus on achieving the opposite result. – Adrienne TomCareer Impressions 

2. Do Small Activities To Challenge Yourself 

Best-selling author and podcaster Tim Ferriss shares some unique insights to step out of your comfort zone, which I have adopted as well. Negotiate for a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Lie down in a public place for 10 seconds. Hug a random person. All these activities are geared towards getting you comfortable with doing the commonly unthinkable actions or comfortable trying (like negotiation). – Gia GaneshGia Ganesh Coaching 

3. Turn It Into A Learning Experience 

Take the focus off the discomfort of stepping out of your comfort zone by asking, « What am I learning about me? What am I learning about the other people in this situation? How can I use the information from the previous two questions in my professional and personal lives? » – Frances McIntoshIntentional Coaching LLC 

4. Coach Yourself 

In the spirit of a coach, ask yourself some questions: « What is the worst that could happen? Could I survive it? What is the best that could happen? Would I or others benefit from it? Are there downsides to remaining where I am? What is holding me back? » This simple technique elevates thinking. Here is a variation: What questions would you ask if you were coaching someone out of their comfort zone? – Patrick JinksThe Jinks Perspective 

5. Become Familiar With Discomfort 

Living outside of one’s comfort zone is by definition uncomfortable. Therefore, the best habit you can foster within yourself is the practice of becoming familiar with discomfort. A great way to do this is to pick one thing each day that scares you and go and do it. You are scared and you act. Repeat daily for a year. You will be amazed at how what once scared you is now commonplace. – Susanne BiroSusanne Biro & Associates Coaching Inc. 

Source: 10 Ways To Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

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