If you wish to set up a profession as a musician, then you’ll want to put within the effort and time it takes to play like knowledgeable. It’s alright to make errors in the course of the writing and recording course of, however on the subject of enjoying dwell, you’ll want to be sure your musicianship and stage presence is on level each time.

Whether or not you’ve been enjoying your chosen instrument for years, otherwise you’re simply getting began, nobody is ideal and everybody can enhance. So when you’re hoping to take that subsequent step in the direction of enjoying like a professional, or in search of new methods to hone your abilities, listed below are our suggestions that can assist you grow to be a greater musician.




This may increasingly seem to be an apparent one, however the level we need to make is that merely enjoying your instrument is essentially not the identical as training

When knowledgeable musician practices their instrument, they undergo scales (or rudiments) repeatedly, working onerous to enhance their approach. Set your self a devoted follow or warm-up regime for every day to burn these scales into your reminiscence.

Not solely must you follow scales and workouts to take care of your talents, however you must also problem your self to grasp one thing new as typically as doable.



Set your self real looking targets at each alternative and work in the direction of them, whether or not that’s studying a sure scale by coronary heart throughout one follow, or mastering a full track by the tip of the week.

By conducting set objectives, you’ll take pleasure in a larger sense of feat as your abilities start to develop, and method every follow session with a extra productive angle.



Maybe an important high quality in a musician trying to good their instrument is persistence, particularly when you’re simply beginning out. Nobody turns into a virtuoso in a single day, so when you hit a wall, don’t fear, simply maintain going till you get it proper. It takes a variety of effort and time to be a very nice musician.


Do not take your frustrations out in your instrument! Preserve calm and keep it up practising!



Whereas it’s essential to work in your scales and different (extra boring) methods – remember to maintain your follow periods enjoyable! Study your favorite songs and work on new materials round your extra regimented workouts to be sure to really feel contemporary and smitten by your instrument. The worst factor for a musician is when enjoying turns into a chore, relatively than an gratifying expertise.



Whether or not you’re aiming to arrange a brand new band, or simply take pleasure in a pleasant jam with pals, enjoying in a bunch may help to not solely enhance your approach but additionally your timing and improvisational abilities.

Taking part in with different individuals can expose you to new concepts and strategies, and is a good way to obtain sincere suggestions in your enjoying model.



Following on from the final level, when you’re planning on jamming with different musicians, it’s essential to have the ability to establish which key you’re enjoying in at any given time, and adapt your method accordingly – except you’re the drummer after all!

Studying scales may help you to remain in key throughout a jamming session. Because the extra skilled musicians amongst you’ll know, every musical scale focuses round a selected key. So, the extra scales you realize, the higher you’ll be at staying in key, improvising on a monitor, and ensuring you sound nice enjoying alongside different musicians.



Taking classes is among the only methods to grow to be a greater musician, it doesn’t matter what your ability degree. There’s all the time one thing new to be taught, and knowledgeable mentor may help you develop new methods and enhance previous ones.

Nonetheless, paying for classes isn’t essentially for everybody and there are many self-taught musicians on the market. If you happen to’re strapped for money, you could possibly all the time ask musician good friend to assist develop your musicianship or watch and be taught from one of many hundreds of YouTube movies on the market protecting your chosen instrument.



An expert musician ought to have an intensive understanding of their gear in addition to their approach. You’ll be able to’t produce an important sound when you don’t know the capabilities and limitations of your gear.

Nonetheless, you don’t need to be an ‘all of the gear, no thought’ man. If you happen to’re new to your devices, there’s no level splashing hundreds of kilos/{dollars} on a top quality little bit of equipment, when you will get the identical outcomes from an inexpensive one.


Do you’ve any recommendation on find out how to be a greater musician? Or any follow methods you’ve discovered useful? Tell us within the feedback and share the following tips with your pals!


Interview BE INSPIRED avec Juste Lou

RJ The Mysterious – Follow Him Ft. Ruth Jean-Gilles

Control Your Own Level of Motivation

When I first mention this to most people, they really don’t get it, so here is a simple formula for keeping your moods upbeat.

Audio books and music can be used as tools for motivation. The audio book is such a great motivational and learning tool, while you are commuting, or just out for a drive by yourself. I mention “by yourself” because, ideally, you should spend quality time with people in your car.

You can learn so much about life and a self-improvement audio book can keep you motivated all day long.

When I first started listening to audio books it was during commuter traffic through Providence and Boston. I would show up to meetings relaxed, with fresh ideas, and motivated. When people asked me the secret, I told them about the magic of audio books.

Most of them never asked me again, thought I was some strange eternal optimist, and never bothered to try an audio book.
Unfortunately, many people are slaves to stress, and don’t want to change anything. They go about their lives with a perfect recipe for a heart attack and high blood pressure.

Here is the ultimate recipe for a very sad and short life. You must combine « running late » to work, high volume traffic, the daily latte, a high stress job, and show up barely on time or late.

Some people are, what I call, “mad at the world.” They drive from one intersection to the next, making gestures at everyone. Some of these people can be helped, while others go through a daily cycle of frustration and even invite violence.

Now, let’s get back to you. As long as you stay aware, you have control over your motivation, moods, and level of optimism. So, take charge by plugging yourself into positive energy with books, audio books, music, and positive people.

3 conseils pour vous aider à gérer votre stress quotidien

Souvent, le stress se manifeste lorsque nous reportons les préoccupations d’hier à nos préoccupations actuelles. Une accumulation finira presque toujours dans un niveau de stress élevé. Par conséquent, nous devons être en mesure de «rejeter» toutes nos préoccupations de la veille ou des jours précédents et de nous concentrer entièrement sur nos préoccupations actuelles.

1er Conseil

Résolvez maintenant de libérer chaque pensée d’hier et ne soyez conscient que de maintenant…. cette pensée seulement … ce souffle … ce moment. Prenez trois respirations très profondes et relâchez lentement chacune d’elles.

En même temps, sentez chaque préoccupation, chaque problème et chaque moment non résolu commencent à se dissoudre. Vous pouvez les traiter plus tard. Pour l’instant, vous ne devez être que dans ce moment précis.

Allez maintenant dans votre endroit calme intérieur. Allez profondément à l’intérieur d’un endroit où vous sentez que vous êtes en paix, puis détendez-vous et inspirez profondément et appréciez le sentiment d’être ensemble et de paix en vous-même.

Utilisez ce moment et cet endroit particuliers pour être calme. Libérez votre esprit et votre corps de tout souci, de tout regret, de toute déception, de toute colère et de chagrin.

2ème Conseil

Ensuite, pensez à un acte en particulier, comme bercer votre bébé, faire une promenade rapide, ratisser les feuilles et le faire en toute simplicité. Pendant tout ce temps, votre esprit est calme et vous êtes à votre place dans votre propre lieu.

Pratiquez cet acte de calme et de calme chaque jour et vous verrez que vous accomplirez beaucoup plus. Au premier signe de stress, retournez dans cet endroit calme et plein d’esprit et recommencez jusqu’à ce que vous ayez atteint votre calme intérieur

3ème Conseil

La meilleure chose que vous puissiez faire pour vous-même est de manger, de boire et de vous reposer – pour votre santé!

Le stress est facilement provoqué par le fait de ne pas manger et boire correctement. Lorsque vous ne dormez pas le nombre d’heures de sommeil dont vous avez besoin chaque nuit, vous vous préparez à faire face à un stress supplémentaire.

Limitez la quantité de sel, de sucre, de caféine et d’alcool dans votre alimentation. Buvez beaucoup d’eau propre et pure chaque jour et faites au moins un exercice modéré chaque jour. Cela insufflera une nouvelle vie à votre peau, à vos cheveux et nourrira tous vos organes vitaux.

Prenez le temps de bien respirer! Prenez de profondes respirations pour envoyer de l’oxygène pur à tout votre corps. Rire et puis rire encore. C’est de la nourriture pour l’âme! Passez du temps à faire les choses qui vous plaisent le plus. Engagez-vous dans des relations saines et épanouissantes et travaillez sur des problèmes susceptibles de nuire à la proximité que vous entretenez avec une personne spéciale.

Lorsque nous sommes satisfaits et que nous menons une vie équilibrée, le stress quotidien semble en comparaison pâle. Nous sommes mieux équipés pour faire face aux imprévus.

Vous pouvez prendre le contrôle aujourd’hui! Isolez un seul facteur de stress dans votre vie et travaillez-le jusqu’à ce que vous repreniez le contrôle. À tout le moins, ayez un nouvel espoir!

6 façons de vaincre la timidité et de gagner en confiance

Voici 6 conseils simples pour vaincre la timidité et augmenter la confiance en vous.

Etes-vous timide? Avez-vous des difficultés à faire face aux personnes ou aux situations? Alors, j’ai de bonnes nouvelles pour vous. Vous n’avez pas à souffrir de timidité, vous ne devez pas vous sentir inquiet ni craindre d’être jugé à chaque pas que vous faites.

Gagner la guerre avec timidité demande de la pratique, mais en vaut certainement la peine, car il en résulte une augmentation de la confiance en soi et de l’estime de soi.

Réveillez-vous bien dans votre peau, capable de faire face au monde avec confiance et sécurité et sachant qu’aucun sentiment de timidité ne peut nuire à la réalisation de vos désirs

Des centaines de livres ont été écrits à ce sujet : comment battre la timidité et gagner en confiance, mais il existe quelques techniques que tout le monde peut pratiquer.

Voici six suggestions de techniques pour surmonter votre timidité :

1. Chaque matin, dès que vous vous levez, placez-vous devant un miroir et dites à voix haute : « Je me sens super ! Je me sens bien ! Je me sens vraiment bien ! » Répétez cette affirmation avec enthousiasme au moins dix fois par jour jusqu’à ce qu’elle soit enracinée dans votre subconscient. Si vous vous sentez un peu gêné, commencez par vous enfermer dans la salle de bain. Les résultats vont vous étonner.

2. Se sentir bien dans sa peau. S’Habillé plus souvent. Cela vous donne un sentiment supplémentaire de confiance et d’estime de soi. Le seul fait de savoir que vous avez fière allure renforcera votre confiance en vous et montrera aux autres qu’il y a des choses à propos de vous qui valent la peine d’être connues.

3. Prenez un risque au moins une fois par jour. Prendre des risques, c’est très revigorant et vaincre les peurs, cela vous aide à développer votre confiance en vous et votre estime de soi. Commencez avec de petits risques et de petites peurs et, au fur et à mesure que vous les surmonterez, passez a de plus grandes choses. Il n’y a rien que vous ne pouvez pas faire. Ayez confiance en sachant que le changement ne peut que vous aidez à grandir et à renforcer votre confiance en vous.

4. Lorsque vous êtes engagé dans une conversation en tête-à-tête ou avec un groupe de personnes plus importants, dites-leur que vous êtes timide. Cela les empêche de mal vous lire et ils sont beaucoup plus susceptibles de vous inviter à la conversation plutôt que de vous laisser simplement écouter et souhaiter que vous puissiez contribuer.

Beaucoup de gens, moi compris, trouvent difficile de suivre une conversation dans une pièce bruyante. Si vous avez des difficultés, dites-le et déplacez-vous pour pouvoir entendre. Les gens respectent l’honnêteté et la vulnérabilité et vous attirerez ainsi plus de personnes honnêtes dans votre vie.

5. Le rejet est un fait de la vie que tout le monde vit.  C’est rarement toi qui est rejeté, rappelez-vous que tout le monde a des goûts différents. Vous pouvez être attiré par un type de personne et non par d’autres. La même chose s’applique aux autres personnes et vous n’êtes probablement pas leur type. Cela ne vous dévalorise en aucune façon.

Acceptez ceci et sachez que vous allez vous en remettre. Ne le prenez jamais personnellement et gardez à l’esprit que si les gens vous rejettent, c’est à cause de leurs goûts et dégoûts et non à cause de qui vous êtes. Vous avez également le droit de rejeter les autres à cause de vos goûts et de vos dégoûts.

6. Participez à des activités qui vous rendent heureux et vous font plaisir ou démarrez un passe-temps qui vous procure un sentiment de détente. Cela pourrait être n’importe quoi, du jardinage au tai-chit ou au karaté. Prenez des leçons, apprenez ou maîtrisez un instrument de musique ou prenez des cours de chant.

Faites quelque chose qui vous passionne et prenez un risque. Explorer des choses qui suscitent votre enthousiasme est un excellent antidote contre la timidité

Rappeur évangélique

Frère Gabe le rappeur qui fait le tout du monde à travers ses musiques évangéliques


Best life insurance companies in 2019
Learn what makes a good life insurance company for every situation.

Life InsuranceLife Insurance Learn CenterLife Insurance CompaniesBest life insurance companies in 2019
When you’re shopping for life insurance, you might be concerned about the policy more than the carrier. But choosing the right company is just as important as choosing the right policy. The best life insurance companies have strong financial stability and are rated highly by financial and consumer institutions, guaranteed to pay out death benefits and provide features and services you need to build a financial safety net.

The best life insurance companies
AIG 741 A- A
AXA Financial 755 A+ A
Banner Life N/A A+ A+
Guardian Life 776 A+ A++
John Hancock 759 A+ A+
Lincoln Financial 778 A+ A+
MassMutual 781 A A++
MetLife (via Brighthouse) 793 B- A+
Minnesota Life (Securian) 739 A+ A+
Mutual of Omaha 792 A+ A+
Nationwide 810 A+ A+
New York Life 791 A+ A++
Northwestern Mutual 812 A+ A++
Pacific Life 783 A+ A+
Primerica 743 A+ A+
Principal Financial 773 A+ A+
Protective 791 A+ A+
Prudential 784 A A+
State Farm 825 A- A++
Transamerica 751 B A+
Voya 744 A- A
Life insurance company ratings & reviews
What do the best life insurance companies have in common? Everyone’s needs are different, but the main four ways to judge a life insurance company are:

Third-party ratings
Company strength
Company features
Policy details
What is Policygenius? The easy way to compare insurance.
Find out your needs with our calculator, compare quotes from the best life insurance companies, and apply online with access to our expert team every step of the way.

« Policygenius… guides consumers to figure out what kind of insurance they need and offers them options. » – The Wall Street Journal

There are many third-party groups that provide ratings and reviews based on different criteria. Some provide customer service-related ratings, like J.D. Power scores and Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings.

Other groups, like A.M. Best, Fitch Ratings, Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and Weiss Ratings are judges of financial strength.

The most common life insurance ratings come from:

J.D. Power: J.D. Power ranks some (but not all) of the top life insurance companies on customer satisfaction on a scale from 1 – 1,000.
BBB: Customer satisfaction score ranging from A+ to F based on BBB’s own formula of 17 factors.
A.M. Best: Financial health rating, with A++ and A+ being “superior” and A being “excellent”. Learn more about A.M. Best here.
Most of the biggest life insurance companies are financially secure, and while you should look at BBB ratings, keep in mind some reviews may be from customers who had particularly positive or negative experiences that aren’t necessarily representative of the company in general. The best-rated life insurance companies have high marks all around to provide peace of mind.

Shoppers can also see how big a company is by looking at its market share and number of policyholders. Size is typically a good indicator of how well a company is doing, but shoppers shouldn’t be afraid to go with a smaller insurer, like a regional carrier or a membership carrier (like USAA), if it fits their needs.

How to choose the best life insurance company for you
When selecting a life insurance company:

Determine how much you can pay. The average cost for a healthy 30-year-old male for a 20-year term policy is around $20 a month.
Pick out and rank important factors, like company ratings, average application time, policy types and riders, and a company’s customer service and experience.
Look at which insurance company is best for your personal health profile.
Life insurance costs are determined largely by how risky you are to insure. That means health conditions like cancer, diabetes or a history of smoking, along with other factors like dangerous hobbies and military service, can raise your premium considerably.

But some carriers are more accommodating with certain health conditions. If there are any factors that you need to take into account, a licensed agent can help you narrow down your company options.

Best companies for…


Generation X-ers

Baby Boomers



High cholesterol

Sleep apnea




Former smokers


Marijuana use

Recent weight loss

Recovering alcoholics


Military personnel

Visa & greencard holders

High net worth individuals

Carrier features
Not all life insurance companies operate the same way. It’s important to find one that fits your needs so you don’t find dealing with them is a hassle. Potential customers should be aware of how life insurance companies accommodate modern shoppers.

Depending on the carrier, some steps in applying for or updating policies are only done via paper mail or on the phone, while some are done online. Be sure to find a life insurance company that works the way you do.

Besides the paper versus phone versus electronic consideration, shoppers should take into account the carrier’s average application time and accepted payment methods.

From application to in-force policy, the process can take up to eight weeks, but many carriers often complete the process much quicker. Knowing if a particular company is typically faster or slower than other companies helps set your expectations.

It’s also important to know how you’re able to pay your policy premium. Most carriers accept paper checks, while some allow bank drafts (but only if you’re paying monthly), and some allow you to use a credit card only on your first premium payment. Plus, certain forms of payment may not be available in all states.

Policy details
Besides the different features of life insurance carriers themselves, you also need to rate them based on the policies they sell.

Life insurance policies come in varieties. For example:

You can choose to have a return-of-premium term policy,
Your permanent policy can be whole, variable, universal or even variable universal.
Some companies offer policies that allow you to skip the medical exam to speed up the application process.
Most people will need to decide between term and whole life insurance.

Companies also offer different riders. Riders allow you to customize a policy, but your options may be limited or cost-prohibitive depending on the carrier. Make sure the company you’re looking at has the policy type that fits your needs.

Finally, look at the coverage limits. Some carriers have a minimum term length, and some only let you choose terms in increments of five or 10 years. There might also be death benefit minimums to take into account.

What you shouldn’t worry about
There are a lot of ways to judge how good a life insurance company is. But a lot of shoppers aren’t just concerned about the positive aspects – they want to know the negatives, too.

Most concerns about life insurance – and insurance in general – is that a company won’t be there to pay out when it’s needed. After all, what’s the point in having life insurance if the death benefit isn’t available?

But companies going bankrupt or not paying out are two things you don’t need to worry about.

Financial ratings are a good indicator of the likelihood of bankruptcy, but they don’t tell the whole story. Even if a company does go bankrupt, there are safety nets in place.

First, life insurance companies have reinsurance – insurance for insurance companies. Reinsurance spreads out risk so a company doesn’t have the entire burden alone, and if a company goes bankrupt, they aren’t fully on the hook.

Second, life insurance companies are part of guaranty associations. That means if one declares bankruptcy, other companies – also members of the guaranty association – pick up policyholders and guarantee their coverage continues and their needs are met.

Finally, life insurance companies are legally required to have reserve ratios; like an emergency fund, those reserves are cash on hand to cover their financial obligations.

Keep in mind that there are certain scenarios where a life insurance company doesn’t have to pay out the death benefit. During the first two years of the policy, known as the contestability period, the carrier can dispute a payout if there’s suspected fraud.

Suicide also isn’t covered in the first two years, and carriers may not have to pay out in the case of criminal activity (like murder).

But companies not paying the death benefit shouldn’t be your concern when you’re looking for a life insurance carrier. You should focus on the policies they provide, the cost of coverage and customer service.

Using all of this information, create a list if your top 10 insurers and compare quotes. This process lets you immediately disregard any companies that didn’t make the cut and focus only on legitimate options.

Best term life insurance companies & policies
Term life insurance lasts for a specific period of time before expiring. Because it’s the most straightforward and affordable type of life insurance, it’s the best option for most shoppers.

It’s important to consider the coverage amount. Because term life is so affordable – a healthy 30-year-old can get a 20-year, $1,000,000 policy for under $40 a month – it’s enticing to pay for more coverage than you actually need. A good broker or agent can help make sure you’re not over-insuring and spending money unnecessarily.

On the flip side, they can also make sure you’re not underinsured. A $10/month policy sounds great, but might not provide all of the coverage you need.

Also take the term length into account. Since term life expires, it’s important to know how long it will last. It’s recommended your policy stay active through your longest large debt; for most people this is their mortgage, so a 30-year policy is a good benchmark.

Finally, while term life insurance is simple, it can be customized with riders. For example:

A term conversion rider will automatically turn the policy into a whole life policy at the end of the term.
A return of premium will refund all premiums at the end of the term.
An accelerated death benefit can be accessed early in cases of terminal illness.
Customizing a policy helps it fit your needs, but some riders are unnecessary and others come at an additional cost. Know what riders you need, what riders a particular company offers and what, if anything, it costs before you settle on a policy.

Best whole life insurance companies & policies
Whole life insurance is a type of permanent life insurance. It doesn’t expire, and it has an investment-style cash value component.

Whole life can be a good option for people with complex financial situations, so you should know how to pick the best company and policy.

The first important consideration is cost; whole life can be up to six to 10 times as expensive as a comparable term life policy, so be sure it fits into your budget.

Second, consider the financial strength of whole life carriers. This is important to keep in mind regardless, but unlike term life, you can own a whole life policy for as long as you need it. That means it’s even more important to know that a company will still be around for a long time when you’re talking about whole life.

Be sure to know the terms of the cash value component. Every whole life policy has a guaranteed interest rate; know what it is with the company you’re considering.

Also take dividends into account. The strongest whole life policies are usually from mutual companies (like MassMutual, Guardian or Northwestern Mutual) that pay dividends, that can be used to increase the cash value, pay for the policy, or for retirement.

Finally, ask how the policy handles lapse prevention. A whole life policy can automatically pay premiums using the cash value. This keeps the policy from expiring, but also lowers the cash value amount available to you, so it’s important to know how your policy handles a lapse.

Types of life insurance
Whether you’re deciding between term or permanent life insurance, or wondering if a different type of life insurance is best for your family, you should know what options are out there for you. Things to consider are:

How long you need coverage to last
How much you can afford in monthly premiums
What additional features you need (such as a cash value)
Your financial situation – your debts and assets
Whether or not you’ve maxed out your investment options
Term insurance is best for most people because it’s affordable and expires when they no longer need it – when their assets are able to cover any financial needs.

The cash value of permanent insurance is useful for complex financial situations but whole, variable and universal life insurance have different means of gaining interest, which needs to be taken into account.

To learn more about the options available and the differences between them, see our full explainer on the different types of life insurance.

Keep in mind that you may need to look outside the life insurance provider to make the best policy decision. If you go directly to the insurance carrier, they will only be able to help you with the policies they sell.

An independent insurance agent or broker, on the other hand, can view sample insurance quotes from multiple companies and compare them, making sure you’re getting a policy that fits your needs and your budget. Not all agents will be able to do this.

Captive agents work for only one insurance company and have limited options available to help, so be sure to ask which group an agent falls into before you work with them.

At the end of the day, choosing the best insurance company means finding one you’re comfortable with. That means considering financial strength, customer service, ease of use, and the types of policies they carry.

Policygenius’ editorial content is not written by an insurance agent. It’s intended for informational purposes and should not be considered legal or financial advice. Consult a professional to learn what financial products are right for you.

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Vous vous sentez découragé, vous voulez abandonner et tout laisser ce que vous avez mis toute votre vie a réaliser, cette vidéo est bien la votre.

Chacun de nous a en lui des réserves d’énergie qui ne demandent qu’à s’investir dans les réalisations les plus variées. Ces forces intérieures ressemblent un peu à des ressorts prêts à se détendre.

Certains vont avoir plus que tout besoin de se sentir libres et autonomes. Ce qui les motivera, c’est un travail dans lequel ils pourront s’organiser comme ils le veulent, avec beaucoup de souplesse dans leurs méthodes, leurs rythmes, ou leurs horaires.


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