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MARC G MWEN PAP INKIETEMIt’s Been more than a year and almost eleven months since we’ve release any new single or video from Marc G Menard. Some of you asked if we stop producing music, my answer always been, No! we did not stop producing and we will continue to do music specially when it’s to let our brothers and sisters know how great God is.

This new single « MWEN PAP ENKYETE’M » from Marc G Menard is the first single from many more that will be on the upcoming album coming your way soon.

For now we wanted to introduce the album to you with the first single « Mwen PAP ENKYETE’M » that is also the name of the album. You can download the song for free here. DOWNLOAD .  You can also listen to it all all music platforms starting tomorrow . In the time, enjoy the new single « Mwen PAP INKIETEM » on Marc Menard Youtube Channel