Believe it or not, people will always criticize you even if everything you do is good. It is up to you not to let these things affect you and stay focus on your life journey.

Most of the time, it’s those who are closer to you who will criticize the things you do, but that’s ok! Just stay focus to your vision. Believe in what you want to accomplish in life and take daily action step until you achieve those goals.

Here are two ways of Staying Motivated even when you get criticize by others.

Don’t justify your goal

You’re not obligated to explain or justify your goal. Focus on how to achieve what you desire rather than on how to get external approval to pursue your mission.

Expand your social circle

Seek the company of those who are most likely to support you. Attend networking meetings, join a mastermind group or connect with a mentor. Create a strong support to tap into during your journey.

Source: #addictedtosuccess

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